There are two reasons to have your bathroom renovated: either it does not look the way you want it to, or it was not built to last.

As for the first reason, many people brush it off as they feel that it isn’t important as long as it’s functional. However, the average person spends more than a year and a half of their lifetime in the bathroom. Additionally, the bathroom is used as an escape where many thoughts and imaginations occur; given that, it’s not surprising that many people would want their bathrooms to be pleasing as it is used as a chance to get away from one’s daily routine.

As for the second reason, bathrooms are created to contain enough moisture to withstand humidity that attacks it on a hot day; however, some bathrooms don’t have enough moisture within the materials, thus creating a dampness within the underlying materials. This weakens is, causing it to cut off its lifespan; by doing so, mold and mildew is created that may cause a number of health issues.

Our licensed remodeling contractors know exactly which materials to use and which techniques to build to make your bathroom last longer than ever. With your ideas and building conception, our remodeling plans will allow you to enjoy your time in the bathroom, thinking and imagining away without the worry of anything that may cause your health to deteriorate.

If you’re not sure what look or feel you would want for your bathroom, Dunn Construction’s gallery may allow you to grab some ideas of how you want your bathroom to look. Give us a call today, and we will guide you through a variety of conceivable design that matches and feels like you.