Are you looking for a reliable general contractor for the home or building that you want renovated? At Dunn Construction, we pride ourselves for a cost-effective, honest, and reliable high quality approach for every project we do. Since our inception in 1979, we have maintained a degree of excellence throughout the years. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we are experts in roofs, kitchen, basements, bathrooms, and exterior renovations.

Our reputation in Manhattan Beach is of significant importance to us; we hire only the most committed, dependable, and best contractors to work with us for your home. Each project we do is unique, based on the needs and desires of our clients. Thus, we go over each project with our clients multiple times to make sure that we have each detail carefully sorted to perform the best work for top client satisfaction.

We have excellent financing options available for our clients, so even if your renovation or construction project seems only as a possibility for the near future, give Dunn Construction a call!