Dunn Construction has been long recognized as a reliable contractor for exterior home improvement in Manhattan Beach. Whether you need only a simple roof repair, a maintenance checkup, or a complete system replacement, our staff at Dunn Construction will provide professional service that fits to your taste. We understand that upgrading and restoring sides of your home is seen as both a method of protection of your home and a financial investment; thus, we will work with you to protect your home and your pocketbook.

Whether you want the sides of your homes to be made of wood, vinyl, plastic, imitation brick, stone, insulation, metal, masonry, or composite, no job is too big or too small for us. There are five basic issues to consider when upgrading your exterior siding:

1)       Water Resistance: Water resistance types of sidings will have longer life spans

2)      Energy Efficiency: The energy efficiency it will have on your home

3)      Aesthetics: The beauty of your home in full view

4)      Versatility: The adaptation of the siding to its surroundings

5)      Durability: strength to resist temperature shifts within the climate and everyday wear/tear.

At Dunn Construction, we understand the basic issues and our expert contractors will do what we can to meet all 5 issues;  call today for your free estimate!